Garbage Disposal Repair in Gahanna, OH

1-Plumbing is ready to address your Gahanna Garbage Disposal Repair needs.

Gahanna Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals in Gahanna, Ohio often need to be repaired. The hard water in Gahanna and the things people put in the drain, are rough on garbage disposals. Sometimes they need to be unjammed and sometimes they just need to have all the connected piping tightened up and inspected.

Garbage Disposal Installation Gahanna OH

If your garbage disposal is starting to make funny noises or vibrate a little more than it should, it may be time for a new garbage disposal. Call 1-Plumbing today for a time to get you a new disposal.

Garbage Disposal Repair Gahanna OH

If your garbage disposal is jammed or leaking under your kitchen cabinet 1-Plumbing may be able to repair it. Please call today and schedule a time for one of our Plumbing Professionals to check out your garbage disposal today.