Shower and Bathtub Installation

A house is incomplete without shower and bath tubs because both are basic need of everyday life. If you are remodeling your bathroom or you are making an addition of a bathroom in your home, you might be in need of a good plumbing company for shower and bath tub installation services. At 1-Plumbing Company of Santa Rosa we have solution of all your needs. Not only we offer fantastic bathroom plumbing repair, but we can also provide quality bath tubs and shower installation in Santa Rosa. 

Santa Rosa, CA Shower and Bathtub Installation

Why you need a new shower and bathtub installation?

Installing a new bathtub and shower can increase the beauty and glamour of your bathroom. New valves can help to reduce usage of water and save your money on energy to heat water. We have ideas and designs to install bathtub and shower to increase beauty and luxury to your bathroom.

Does your shower and bathtub need replacing?

Sometimes repairing of your shower and bathtub costs more than the installation of new bathtub and shower. Water damage from a defective shower or bathtub can cause a lot of issues like structural damage and mold damage to home. All these circumstances urge to replace bathtub and shower. We have professional and experienced plumbers to install new bathtub and shower to fix your plumbing issues in Santa Rosa.

Cost of shower and bathtub installation

The cost of shower and bathtub installation depends on the variety and model of the shower and bathtub. Price varies from models, types and quality of shower and bathtub, yet we install bathtub and shower at affordable prices as compared to other plumbing companies in Santa Rosa. 

Why choose 1-Plumbing Company in Santa Rosa for bathtub and shower installation?

When you need a professional bathtub or shower installation in Santa Rosa for remodeling or renovation of your bathroom, 1-Plumbing Company is there to help you. We are in plumbing business since long and we can handle any shower and bathtub installation that you need. We are fast and reliable plumbing company in Santa Rosa with multiple innovative ideas for remodeling and renovation for your bathroom to give it a new luxurious look.